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Ghost: Soliloquy
I am suffocating, exhaustion,
let go your hold on me.
I need your strength now, I am lost,
shine brightly my way home (if there is one).
As one is false, another is true,
so let the truth be swept under my feet,
though I may stumble over it,
the voice of reason, and enforce my purpose,
twist it, bend it, break it,
that I might not succumb to rage,
fall by my own hands, committing deeds of vengeance,
and burn in the depths of Hell,
where the torment collided with time,
and the mysteries of life came to, with unknown intent,
banished me from the physical,
and left me to a damned grave until it withered away by the hands of time.
Oblivion, pester me no more!
Return to me the life, the breath, the touch, the taste.
Leave me in this state no longer...
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May Our Ashes Fly
Come on, come on, the wall is falling down,
we don't have much time before the ceiling hits the ground,
the chemistry between iron bolts and steel plates
no longer exist to delay our inevitable fate.
Our time has come, to create a better tomorrow.
In the presence of enemies, we will burn.
Come on, come on, pick up the pace,
we must finish this before we're erased.
We cannot let it end, not like this,
Hurry, and give me one last kiss.
Our life will end with this time we have borrowed,
The pendulum will stop and there will be no more sorrow.
In the presence of enemies, we will burn,
but in the midst of light, they will yearn,
for there is no longer any darkness here.
And they will never return.
The sun shines again, onto the moon that was once hidden.
The demons of humanity, are now forever forbidden.
Our time has come.
May our ashes fly in the wind together
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A New Generation
I am no longer searching
in this aftermath
for a survivor.
I have found one,
and we have begun
to rebuild this planet.
A new generation of humans
a smarter generation,
we will create.
There will be no more evil,
in man's heart.
There will be no more sorrow.
I'll never hear
that someone has given up their life.
I won't ever wake up,
to the sound of bombs dropping.
I'll never smell
the stench of rotten bodies,
and I'll never again
breathe in the ashes of the dead.
The grass will be green,
and the sky will be blue.
Our time here will be peaceful.
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Deadly Laughter
Oh, I heard the sound of her laughter,
and was laughing forever after,
you'll join in too once it reaches your ears,
struggling for breath and covered in tears.
The laughy laughter spreads so quickly,
it's killing everyone so sickly,
this deadly desease will destroy us all,
on our hands and knees we cannot crawl,
someone must find a cure soon.
Otherwise we are all doomed!
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This Magic Flame
It's me.
I'm here
to set you free.
No charges,
you are really lucky,
Finally free,
of this horrible company.
Your plan worked quite well,
I faked the documents, no one could tell.
No longer in a pen,
you can finally wreak destruction once again.
Let us have some fun,
our weapon can obliterate the sun.
This magic flame
will bring us true glory and fame.
Burn them all,
their ashes shall stand tall.
Torn apart,
there will be no new start.
You see...
We will bring peace.
Peace that will reign
among the ashes of the dead!
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The sound of leaves rustling,
green everywhere.
So peaceful, so quiet,
So wonderful.
The sound of birds singing,
life everywhere.
So lovely, so amazing,
So beautiful.
How could you take it all away?
The beauty of nature
has been replaced by the destruction of man.
The sound of bombs falling,
explosions everywhere.
The green is gone,
the red of blood prevails.
The sound of bullets flying,
death everywhere.
It is no longer possible
to be happy or safe.
When will this end?
War is not peace.
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This Barren Wasteland
I can no longer see the beauty,
that I could once see.
Wondrous sights, wonderful feelings,
all faded away.
All that I've known,
is gone from my life.
I struggle to find something,
in the silent dissonance.
Swallowed by emptiness,
surrounded by darkness.
Everything has been destroyed,
and I am all that's left.
I try to find life,
on this barren wasteland.
Nature has died,
this place can't be Earth.
There's nothing to satisfy my hunger,
I don't know how long I'll last.
But I will fight, I will continue,
to search for any others.
I won't give up so easily.
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Ghost Part III: Escape
This prison that I have died in,
begins to dissolve around me.
I never thought I'd find a way
to leave this place so easily.
My anger hasn't ceased,
but I've lost sense of time.
I think of nothing else,
revenge is on my mind.
So I finally leave my graveyard,
indifferent to all things beautiful.
Oblivious of my surroundings,
my thirst for blood is insatiable.
Immediately I begin the hunt,
searching for any trace of the devil.
I am ready to exact my revenge,
I'm going to make this bastard tremble.
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Ghost Part II: Thoughts
It is day, and I am wide awake,
wondering when I can leave this place,
wishing I could undo my mistake,
daydreaming about her embrace.
Cursed to haunt my desolate home,
in my darling baby girl's room,
with no choice but to be alone,
this place is practically my tomb.
Her bed is there as if it were yesterday,
my beautiful wife is tucking her in,
I move to kiss my wife, but she pulls away,
"You have no patience," she says with a grin.
I try to touch her but she is not there.
I don't know how I can live without them.
I will do whatever it takes, I swear,
to escape this prison and get revenge.
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Matter Defying
Brown, black, red, purple, blue, yellow, orange, and white all at once,
this object reflects everything and nothing.
It appears as both beautiful and ugly,
we have no name for this thing.
Round, rectangular, triangular, and square all at once,
this matter defying device obeys no rules.
Physical laws are impossibly bent and broken,
making us all appear to be fools.
Liquid, solid, and gas all at once,
it doesn't even have to change it's state.
You could drink it, eat it, and breathe it,
And that's not the strangest of it's traits.
More intelligent than the smartest human,
mental laws are impossibly bent and broken.
Without a brain, it can outplay everyone in everything,
and write the best selling novel of all time.
With no brain, it can compose the best music you will ever hear,
and create the most enjoyable videogame.
Without a brain, it can put together the fastest supercomputer,
and produce the best CGI movie.
With no brain, it can cook the best meal,
and brew the best drink.
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The Little Ones
Looking down upon the little ones,
I reflect upon my existence.
I never would have gotten anything done,
if it wasn't for the resistance.
The little aliens, being so peaceful,
would never hurt anyone,
and now we finally have rules,
so respect will be returned.
They were hated, distrusted,
their lives were so disrupted,
but we came to understand
that they're just like man,
and now we live together in peace.
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Conversation With The Stars
"Good morning, Good morning,
I'm glad you're done mourning.
You can now move on with your life,
And live happily with your wife."
"Hello, time sure does fly fast.
Yes, the dark times have passed.
You brighten everyone's day,
And we're glad you're here to stay."
"I'm sorry, so dreadfully sorry,
But I will soon be moving away.
I have no choice, but I'm getting moist,
And I think that I'm losing my voice."
"O Sun, you cannot leave us here with no light,
We can not survive without your rays of might!"
But the Sun did not reply,
And began to shrink in the sky.
Soon, the Sun was simply a tiny dot,
And the entire world was greatly shocked.
Panic started everywhere.
Everyone was really scared.
"Good night, good night,
Sorry to see you all in fright.
In a billion years we'll help you to stay alive.
You'll just have to wait for our spaceships to arrive."
"O Stars that shine so bright in the night,
We cannot live without the Sun's light.
Please bring the Sun back so that we can see, and so our pl
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The Wish
Look deep down inside yourself,
look deep into your thoughts.
There you'll find an explanation
of all that you have wrought.
All your life, you dreamed of this moment,
standing atop all the rubble.
You change your mind
in the blink of an eye,
but it is too late
to save the dead sky.
You try to end all the pain,
but your devices don't work.
Malfunctioning and insane,
they obliterate everything.
You take a look around,
and realize what you have done.
Everyone has died, the Earth has fried,
and you'll be eaten by the sun.
But then you see a shooting star,
and you make a wish,
a wish with all your heart.
You close your eyes and then you open them,
and the world is alright once again.
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The Storm
Splishity splash,
hear them crash,
the waves, they smash and smash and smash.
Splishity splash,
into the ship they smash,
making it rock and rock and rock,
back and forth, back and forth, nonstop.
Creaking, creaking,
the old ship creaking,
then a loud roar stops the sleeping,
men start running about and freaking.
Tidal waves, tidal waves,
have got the ship leaking.
Water seeping and creeping,
creeping through the creaking ship.
Sinking, sinking, the ship is sinking,
into the drinking sea.
Men screaming frantically, jumping frantically into the frantic sea,
while the fearless storm swallows the fearful ship as if it were a feared disease.
The storm doesn't know any better.
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Face your fears,
face to face.
Defeat them,
become invincible.
You are only as vulnerable as you make yourself out to be.
If you don't fear anything, not even death,
nothing can stop you.
Destroy your phobias,
fist to fist.
Kill them,
become superior.
You are only as weak as you think you are.
If you have no fears, not even of death,
you have no obstacles.
Eliminate your dread,
sword to sword.
Annihilate it,
become indestructible.
You are only as powerless as you believe.
If you can run head on into anything,
you can't be stopped.
An idea is bulletproof.
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Memory Lane
Do you remember the days,
when we held hands?
When we played together on stage,
in our band?
When we'd go home
and think up stories,
crazy stories,
that no one would believe.
When we stayed up all night long,
singing our favorite songs,
when we'd watch our favorite movies,
and complain about how big the TV is.
Do you remember?
Sorry doesn't always cut it, I know,
but it's the least I can do before I go.
So please forgive me, let us go on a trip down memory lane,
let us remember the good times before I get on that plane.
Do you remember the hours,
of non-stop fun?
When I'd buy you flowers,
and a romantic lunch.
When we'd say goodbye,
to the friends that had died,
When we'd hold each other tight,
when things weren't alright.
Do you remember,
When you taught me the "proper" way to play guitar.
All the joy, all the laughs...
We have come so far...
Sorry doesn't always cut it, I know,
but it's the least I can do before I go.
So please forgive me, let us go on a trip down memory lane
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Happy Birthday Daddy
Happy birthday daddy
I really do miss you
I know that you are happy
One day I'll join you
I am happy for where you are dad
You're now worry and pain free
I know that you are waiting
To be again with me
I'm still you little girl
I think about all we did
To be with you and my Savior
This is what I bid
If I keep the faith and follow
Just like you taught me to
One day I'll be in heaven
Again I will see you
Thanks for all you taught me
Thanks for all we shared
I thank you most though daddy
For the way you showed you cared
:iconbraveheart06:braveheart06 3 52
Tool by abhadreshwara Tool :iconabhadreshwara:abhadreshwara 214 69 Sterile Chaos by DISENT Sterile Chaos :icondisent:DISENT 7 28
The Belief
Is Philly really
The City of Brotherly love
Where every single case
Is treated with Latex gloves
Is it really brotherly
To shoot someone in the head
While the motherly are left to cry
Over the young dead
Settling matters with a kind word
Is just plain absurd
When a knife or gun
Can do the trick
Hell, even a lead pipe or maybe a  stick
People look to place the blame
"It's the media!"
Have you all no shame
If you don't teach little ones
What's right from wrong
Then we'll always have
To go through this
Stupid dance and song
I'm tired of seeing the news
Splatter with violence and drugs
Not to mention all of these gangsters and thugs
Who think it's really neat
To blow out someone's brains
Come on, what's there to beat
What's there left to gain?
A jail sentence for manslaughter
And possession of cocaine
What a good life lesson
For all the little souls
"Grow up in this society
And build bigger holes!"
No little Sally growing up
To be a doctor
For her uncle's already
Knocked up pretty badly
:iconeinen-idioten:Einen-Idioten 2 3
Ma guitare, Ma vie by sundayx Ma guitare, Ma vie :iconsundayx:sundayx 3,952 1,620



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